The Five Assassins

| November 2, 2014

It was early morning when Ylvis wanted to go on a world tour on his famous song, “What Does the Fox Say?” As he was packing, someone came to his house and Ylvis said, “**** ***!” The person A.K.A. Sam left the house very angrily, with his fists clenched.

Ylvis didn’t come, so later he flew to Singapore from New York. Sam was so angry that he hired five assassins after Ylvis. So when Ylvis sang his famous song, “What Does the Fox Say,” the assassin crashed his mic. But, thank god, backstage, his bodyguards knew Karate. It was a 2-1 show! Off a karate fight while everyone got to hear Ylvis.

Soon, the assassins were defeated, and Ylvis went to Japan. But one day before his show, he asked a Japanese robot inventor to be his body guard. So on the day of the show, Ylvis had an assassin-killing robot backstage. Sadly, none of the assassins knew this. So when the two assassins attacked, the robot came flying out the window.

Ylvis was satisfied and thrilled with his new robot toy. His next part of his world tour was in Beijing, China. The two assassins didn’t return with Ylvis and were assumed dead; Sam sent two assassins—one to spy and one to attack. So when Ylvis sang again, one assassin attacked, but died. Luckily for Sam, the other assassin survived and told Sam. Sam now felt terrified and stood with his mouth wide open.

He could never stand up to a robot. This time was the end of Ylvis’s tour, so Sam decided he and his two assassins would crash the last song in London, England. Lucky for Ylvis he checked the security camera backstage and found the spy, so he was more careful. Soon enough, right after the show, Sam came.

It was a great fight and the audience got to watch it. It went on for a long time. Soon the assassins were defeated. First, Sam apologized and said that he overreacted, then Ylvis apologized for being rude. After that, Sam went to jail and Ylvis went back home to New York.

The End!!!


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