Excerpt from The Death Box

| November 3, 2015

“Oof!” he yelped as he fell down from the steep boulder.

He looked back at the other contestants. They were only seconds away. He looked at the boulder. The sheer height of it sent a chill down his spine. He thought about what would happen if he fell from the top. His bones would crack like toothpicks. He shook his head hard. What was he doing? Standing there daydreaming would surely not help him win this intense competition.

“Focus,” he muttered to himself.

There were thousands upon thousands of dollars at stake. He put up a burst of speed and scaled the boulder. He looked at the 100 yards of water ahead. Suddenly, he spotted another contestant catch up.

“Faster!” he urged himself.

He jumped out of the water and ran the 100 meters like a cheetah. He looked up. There it was glittering like a diamond. The finish line. Right on top of the hill. His hundred grand, his name in the hall of fame, his dream to win first place in the national competition. All right on top of that hill. He used all his might to climb up. There it was … just one second away. He couldn’t believe it! He reached out for the top of the hill.

Suddenly, he slipped.

…to be continued.


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