Excerpt from Miracle

| November 18, 2015

The wooden house that I now live in is rickety. Ever since our mother died from cancer, I’ve had to take care of my younger brother Sebastian all by myself. If I turned myself into the police, they would put us in an orphanage and we would most likely be separated.

The last thing Mom said to me before she died was, “Junie, don’t ever leave Sebastian’s side. Don’t turn yourselves in.” Sebastian was three, and the money that Mom left us was getting low. At the age of 16, I was holding two jobs, going to high school, and taking care of Sebastian. While I went to school, I had to hire a babysitter for Sebastian. Money was running really low.

And the lying. I was a skilled liar, but this was getting out of hand. An officer had come to inspect the house three times in the last month. On top of everything, the wooden house smelled bad from the rain.

Now, I’m off for my job at Lola’s Café. I tie my fiery red hair into a ponytail. I look at myself in the mirror. I am the only person I know with eyes like mine. They are blue with silver specks. Sebastian looks nothing like me. He has curly brown hair and gray eyes. He must have taken after our father. Of course, I can’t say for sure … I never met the man. Whenever I brought it up, Mom changed the topic. Once I get out of my daydreaming trance, I realize that I’m 10 minutes late and rush to Lola’s.

The next day…

Beep. Beep. Beep. I wake up to the annoying sound of my alarm. I was about to throw it at the wall, but then I realized that it was my phone, and I didn’t have the money to buy a new one.

Last night, I found this public school that has a preschool. I already enrolled Sebastian. The only trouble would be dropping him off. I’d have to make myself look older.

I don’t have many friends. A lot of people think I’m stuck up. Do they not see the limited options of clothes I wear? Or how much I get for lunch every day? People think I’m stuck up? That’s funny.

School isn’t easy either. It’s senior year, and our exam results that decide which college we go to are coming soon. I’m hoping to save up enough to go.

I get ready and go outside with Sebastian. Oh! I forgot my phone. I tell Sebastian to stay where he is. I run quickly upstairs and grab my phone. I get down just in time to see my three-year-old brother chasing a stray dog on the road.

It takes me a while to realize what is happening. I run after Sebastian. The stray dog made it across the road, but just when Sebastian is about to step on the sidewalk, a truck hits him. The driver just drives away! I run to him. His breathing is heavy. I call 911 and start performing CPR.

Once the ambulance arrives, I get into the ambulance with Sebastian. Once we get to the hospital, Sebastian is rushed to the ICU. I sign myself in as his guardian and hope for the best.

To be continued…


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