Ella and the Prince

| December 1, 2014

Once upon a time, there lived a princess and queen. They live in a castle where the rooftop is brown and the bottom is white. The castle is surrounded by grass and flowers. The castle has decorations on it.

Princess Ella runs out of the castle. She loses a necklace. She is in a hurry to the ball. The ball is about to start. The ball has stairs on it also, just like the castle does.

Ella likes to dance. She is nice, kind, friendly, polite, loving, peaceful, likeable, bright, caring, sweet, thoughtful, respectful, and charming.

The prince is cheerful, considerate, and delightful. The prince meets Ella, and Ella meets the prince. Ella smiles at the prince. The prince smiles at Ella. Ella dances with him until 12AM.

Ella runs out of the hall and the prince chases her. Ella runs down the stairs. She loses a glove, too. The prince finds Ella’s stuff! He looks around the town and he finds Ella. Ella tries it on and the glove fits. They fall in love!


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