Drax the Destroyer

| November 5, 2014

Drax the Destroyer likes anything that goes “boom.” He’s neither a good guy nor a bad guy, but he’s just right in between. If there was a fire, he won’t do anything unless hired. He’s very cheap. Plus, five stars on Yelp.com. Drax doesn’t take refunds.

He doesn’t help the world, but he helps the person who hired him. He is very helpful if you need to kill someone, need information, or blow something up.

He can also track anybody down. Give him a hat, and he can tell everything about the owner.

He can explode anything he wants to explode. Drax is never seen without some type of explosive or weapon.

I wouldn’t call Drax a superhero, although you can. He’s more or a spy, hiding in the shadows of history.

Drax the Destroyer likes anything that goes “BOOM.” He wants nothing to change in the world.

Drax is one of the people who are neither good nor bad. He is just a spy for hire, consistently in search of adventure and fast cash.

He is amazingly helpful. Good at making things blow up. He doesn’t cost too much. Never seen without things that blow up.

He has awesome tracker skills. But he is terrible leader. If you give a hat, he can tell you all about the owner.


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