Dragons vs. Mustache!

| October 13, 2015

Fireballs were flying through the air. It was her birthday, and her dragon friends had made the sky look smoketastic. At last it was time for bed, after about ten fireballs, she was walking toward the cave. Once her head hit the pillow she fell asleep.

The sun shone bright and proud, her father’s doing pulling the sun up from the east and down into the west.

After a quick breakfast of burning bagels, she grabbed her backpack and walked to the edge of the neighborhood where many kids like her were waiting in front for the magical school to fly over.

Ding! Time for first period. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggghhh. When she entered the classroom, things felt different. Inspector Pandy wasn’t there. There was a new teacher. His name was Mr. Mushy Mustache also known as Mr. M&M. He had a rainbow-colored mustache with a very muddy footprint. Horrified.., he liked to make dragon wings into smoothies!

Finally, the day was over and she could go home. Sizzle, one of her favorite dragons came to bring her home. When she got home her other companions were cooking dinner. Twenty fireballs later, she was doing homework while her dragons stretched their wings outside.

It was getting late and her dragons didn’t come back. She went over to the opening of the cave and whistled. She heard flapping. Sizzle came into view, looking nervous. When the dragon landed, she told Emily a stranger had come and kidnapped the others.

As Emily inspected Sizzle, all she found was a piece of rainbow-colored hair, and a muddy footprint. So it must be…Mr. Mushy Mustache! Sizzle said that she knew where the dragons were being kept.

The lair was a lot less amazing than she had been thinking. It was basically just a platform, above the lava was a very large cage full of all her dragons!

“Burn. Crackle. Fizzy!” Emily called. Her dragons breathed fire as a cry for help. She was just about to release them from the cage when a shadow lurked from the corner,

“Mr. Mushy Mustache!” Emily yelled in rage.

“I thought I caught them all!” he cried, spying Sizzle.

“Return them now!” she shouted.

“Never!” he spat.

“Then I’ll have to make you!” as she said that she yanked at his rainbow-colored facial hair and spun him so he would get wrapped up so tightly, he couldn’t move.

“Release them or else I will throw you into the lava!” said Emily.

“Oh, alright,” he said grumpily.

A few minutes later her dragons were flying happily out of captivity.

“Now, let me go.” Said Mr. M&M.

“Not so fast!” said Emily. Her dragons had circled around him. Mr. Mushy Mustache could only helplessly stay still.

“Blow!” yelled Emily, and all at once her dragons blew fire at Mr. Mushy Mustache.

“Yay!” she shouted.

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