Dirty Dog, Beauty Dog

| February 14, 2016

Once upon a time, in a HUGE city, lived a dog named Eluisa. Eluisa was a dirty dog that barely ever took a bath. That’s why she stinks and people in the city always avoid her. People normally call Eluisa, “Dirty Dog.”

Eluisa went out into the city. She didn’t know why everybody was avoiding her, except one kind little girl who was four years old. Her name was Venessa.

She said, “Don’t worry, little doggy, I’ll be your friend.”

Eluisa said, “NO THANKS! I HATE FRIENDS!” Then Elauisa just stomped away. Venessa was in tears and ran away home.

When Eluisa got home, she looked at her calendar and it said, “bath day.” Eluisa got so angry, she was about to explode.

She said, “No problem. I will just have to skip bath day. I have busy plans. I have no time for bath time. I don’t even know why I have baths.”

Eluisa’s stomach growled. She knew it was lunch time. Eluisa looked at the clock and it said 12:00. Then she looked at the fridge. The fridge only had a can of sardines in it.

Eluisa said, “SERIOUSLY!” and then stomped out into the city to try to find a restaurant. Eluisa found a restaurant called Skippolini’s. It served pizza.

Right away, everybody went rushing out the door. She was the only one in the restaurant.

She said, “Oh, well. Maybe I can find another restaurant.” So Eluisa searched and searched, but the entire city was empty.

Eluisa saw somebody who didn’t leave the city. Venessa.

Eluisa said, “Oh, not you idiot again!”

Venessa said, “What do you mean? I’m only here to help you.”

Eluisa said, “Really?”

“Of course!” said Venessa.

“OK, then can you help me get lots of attention?”

“I can’t do that unless you take a bath,” said Venessa.

“Will it be fun?” said Eluisa.

“See for yourself,” said Venessa.

So, off they went to the spa. While they were walking there, nobody was looking at them because Eluisa stunk up the whole city.

“We better get to the spa quickly!” said Eluisa. So Eluisa and Venessa ran as fast as they could to the spa. When they got to the spa, it was a good thing that nobody ran away. The people were too busy enjoying their spas.

“Hello! Welcome to the Drickson Valley spa,” said the owner.

So, they got started. When Eluisa first started, she couldn’t get enough of the spa. When Venessa helped Eluisa dry up, she was nothing but dazzling!

After they went to the spa, they looked for the perfect outfit for Eluisa. When Eluisa and Venessa entered the store there were many beautiful dresses. They found the dog dress section. Eluisa and Venessa looked at lots of beautiful dresses, and they found the prettiest dress they’d ever seen! It had lots of sparkles and it was pink and purple! Eluisa was eager to try the dress on, so Venessa took Eluisa to the dressing room.

Eluisa tried on the dress. She looked good in it, so Venessa bought the dress for her.

Venessa took Eluisa home to put on the dress. Then, Venessa took Eluisa to do her makeup. Venessa put eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and lipstick on her. After that, Eluisa just had to show it off!

First, Eluisa asked Venessa a question, “Are you sure I can do this? What happens if nobody likes me?”

“I promise everybody will LOVE and admire you,” said Venessa. So, Eluisa went to the middle of the city and waited to get some attention.

“Oh, my god! That dog is so beautiful!” said one person. More and more people gave Eluisa attention. Lots of people were taking pictures of her, so Eluisa made some poses.

A few seconds later, people came to put Eluisa on TV! There were millions of people there to get Eluisa’s autograph!

When it was getting dark, Eluisa decided to go home and get some sleep, while Venessa was selling posters of Eluisa.

In the morning, almost everybody showed up at Eluisa’s house STILL wanting her autograph. After many autographs, Eluisa went to get the daily newspaper and saw that it was all about her! There were also magazines all about Eluisa.

But, before she got her newspaper she knew she had to thank somebody. That somebody was Venessa because Venessa was the one who gave Eluisa fame!

Eluisa had to find Venessa and thank her. While Eluisa was looking, Venessa and her family were packing because they were moving to Minnesota.

When Eluisa reached Venessa’s house she said, “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! LIKE, EVERYBODY IN THE CITY IS TALKING ABOUT ME!”

“You don’t have to thank me every day. I’m moving to Minnesota,” said venessa.

“What? Does that mean I’m on my own now?”

“Sorry, Eluisa, I think it does.”

“Can’t we write to each other? We can mail letters.”

“That will be a great idea! But I have to get moving now. ‘Kay? Bye!”

“Okay. Bye!”

Then Eluisa went to sleep. The next morning , Eluisa sent a letter to Venessa first thing in the morning. Then she realized that she didn’t get the mail! “Will I get a letter from Venessa?” Eluisa thought. She looked through the pile of mail and all of the letters were from Venessa!

Eluisa opened all of her letters right away. Venessa sent five letters to Eluisa.

The first one said: ‘Dear Eluisa, I hope you have a great day! Stay fashionable and popular! Sincerely, Venessa.’

The second one said: ‘Dear Eluisa, Can you come visit me in Minnesota? You’ll love it here! Yours, Vanessa.’

The third one said, “Dear Eluisa, There are so many good sights in Minnesota. I’ll send you some postcards later on. Yours, Venessa.’

The fourth one said: ‘Dear Eluisa, I promise I will come to your city in June. I’ll stay for three weeks! Yours, Venessa.’

At last, the fifth one said: “Dear Eluisa, Love your style. Yours, Venessa.’

Eluisa barked with laughter and put her letters in a special place. From that day on, the two friends kept on writing to each other.


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