Detective Jones

| November 27, 2012

As scientists say that mermaids aren’t real, but that is a cover up. Really, mermaids are held captive in a laboratory.

I, Detective Jones, plan to set them free. Mermaids are meant to be held free, not captive. It was ONLY fair.

As I stepped into the lab, disguised as a scientist of course, and looked for the endangered species lab. There it was, to the left. Through the clear glass door, was 2 mermaids. One had silky red hair and another golden blonde hair that flowed over her shoulders. “Help us!” screamed the mermaid with red hair. I slowly walked to the door and pushed it open. “Set them free!” I cried, worried. “Never!” the lead scientist said, “Attack!” he commanded. “We will do it the hard way then.” I sent 3 tranquilizing arrows flying from my bow. Three scientists fell unconscious. I called to the mermaids to run. “How?” they asked. I pointed to a river that snaked around the lab. “Jump.” “O…Okay,” they stuttered and leaped.

As for me, I could not, and would not, swim. I notched an arrow and ran out the door. I was almost our before more scientists came. I sent 20 tranquilizing arrows flying. It hit 3% of the scientists. Fortunately, I jumped into a car nearby. ‘I will have to return this later’ I thought.

The scientists must have been out of shape, because they stopped chasing after 20 minutes. They looked like a car without gas, as they were panting while running.

I guess I was lucky that day, because the government never found me. The mermaids were safe. Where? I wasn’t sure. With every crime, there is a mystery.

Signing off for now,

Detective J.J. Jones.

Note: This unedited post was written by a young writer visiting the Lekha booth at the 2012 Take Flight for Kids festival.

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