Dave Goes to Space

| December 20, 2014

Once there was a 15-year-old boy named Dave. He worked hard to go to space. He studied and worked hard in school. He had always wanted to be an astronaut.

When he was 20, he got selected for a space trip. He jumped up and down and was so excited!

He said goodbye to his family. They were very happy, but sad to see him leave. He packed up his bags and drove to the space shuttle.

When he got into space, his space ship started to fail.

“Oh, no! What do I do?” asked Dave.

Dave felt afraid that he would never be able to get back to Earth. He pushed a lot of buttons and none of them helped. Dave called for help and a Japanese spaceship came to his rescue.

“Yay! I won’t die!” he said.

They worked together and connected their spaceships. They helped him fix the problems with his spaceship and made it safe again. Dave was happy and relieved to be safe.

He thanked the Japanese and they became good friends. They joked together and laughed a lot. They even shared food. He had new Japanese food that he never had before. One day, they ate sushi together!

Together, they were able to explore a lot more and discover new and exciting places.


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