Consequences of Sleep Deprivation for Teenagers

| November 2, 2015

Many teenagers lack a full night of sleep in the school week, which is impacting their behavior at home and school. Their school starts too early and causes them to miss classes, be late, or arrive without sleep.

There are a few minor symptoms that follow behind students lacking a full night of sleep. Some of these symptoms include drowsiness, feeling weak, and short memory. Students will also tend to miss classes and not do any school work. Due to this the grades will start dropping and they will have a harder time in school. Another effect is obesity and their body will begin to deteriorate.

Sleep deprivation can also lead to many more serious things that have greater consequences. Some of these things include teenagers smoking and doing drugs. They take them because it makes them feel more awake and it makes them feel good. Another bad thing that happens is that they become over weight and suffer from high blood pressure. This is bad for their health and it makes them feel bad about them self and they don’t want to do anything anymore. People from the ages 16-25 have a higher chance of dying in a car crash because they are tired and not paying attention to the road. Teenagers also will start to become suicidal because they feel really bad about themselves.

Solutions to this problem are very simple if treated right away. These things are as simple as going to bed at a decent hour and making it a priority. Another solution is parents can become more aware of their child’s health and behavior. Another cause of students not being able to sleep is the amount of time that they spend on electronics. Teenager get addicted to the screen and they would much rather do that than go to sleep at night. So another solution to this problem is for teenagers to limit their screen time and parents should be more strict on the rules to ensure their teen gets the sleep they need to be healthy, safe, and happy.


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