| January 8, 2015

Once upon a time, there lived a young man in a cottage in a kingdom. The young man’s name was Jack. Jack was 21 and had a mean stepdad and mean brothers. Jack had a kind nature and was really nice. Jack also wanted to be free and be away from his stepdad and brothers. He wanted to find the perfect girl for him.

One day, Jack got invited to a ball in the castle, but his stepdad wanted him to stay and do extra work. Jack was really sad and went to work. While Jack was working, his stepdad was talking to the brothers. “Now, look here!” said his stepdad, “Princess Stephanie is looking for a husband and she is going to be at the ball. So, keep an eye out for her,” continued Jack’s stepdad. Jack’s stepdad and brothers got dressed and went toward the castle.

After doing his chores, Jack went outside and sat on a log.

“Look at me. I am useless and helpless,” said Jack, “I am never going to that ball!”

“Who said you can’t?” said a voice.

“Wh-what was that?” Jack asked.

“Me, your godwizard!” said the voice.

“Your-what?!” Jack said, confused.

“Your godwizard! It’s like your godmother but I’m a boy.”

“Oh, I get it!” Jack said, “So, why are you here?”

“Well, I heard you and wanted to prepare you for the ball, if that is okay with you,” the god wizard

“If it’s okay with me? Of course, it’s okay with me!” answered Jack.

“Alright, let me get to work!” said the godwizard.

When the godwizard was done, Jack looked like a prince. After a while, Jack arrived at the castle and met Princess Stephanie. Jack and Stephanie danced until midnight. At midnight Jack saw his stepdad leave, so he hurried and started to leave too, but Jack left his jacket at the ball! When he left, Stephanie found his jacket and wanted to find him.

The next day, Stephanie looked in every house, but nobody fit the jacket! At last, Stephanie came up to the last house. She tried two men, but it didn’t fit! The last man came out and, to her surprise, it fit. So, Jack and Stephanie got married and lived happily ever after!

The End


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