Candies Verses Veggies

| December 4, 2014

Chapter 1: Why Broccoli is Green and Evil

“That was delicious,” replied Bob the Marshmallow.” How did you make that?”

“Easy. First you pour ten cups of sugar in a bowl. Then, you put ten pieces of candy. Next, you mix while putting ten bags of marshmallows in th—“.

“Wait. I ate some of my best friends in there? How dare you!” yelled Bob.

“So what? There are a ton of marshmallows on this island, you can be friends with one of the other ones. I hope,” replied Green the broccoli worriedly.

Bob was very strong and could take out a sumo wrestler in one move, so Green was so scared she turned green. From that day on, broccoli has always been green. So when she turned green she turned evil.

Bob didn’t know what was happening with his friend, so he called the doctor. The doctor was shocked and replied that she was turning evil, and that he had to get away from her as soon as possible or he will turn evil, too. Bob was very mad that he had to abandon his friend, but he did what the doctor said and he ran like the wind back to his house. Then, he told his parents about Green and they panicked. Once they calmed down, Bob told them what to do.

“Go tell everybody that we know about Green!” demanded Bob.

“Yes, sir,” replied his parents.

“Now, go!” said Bob.

So, off they went to go tell everybody about Green.

Chapter 2: The War has Started

While they were off telling everybody about Green, Green was sketching a plan for a war. She disguised some of her minions as marshmallows to help the marshmallows destroy all of them, so she could be the ruler of the island. One day, when a piece of broccoli disguised as a marshmallow stuck his arm out right in front of Bob, Bob knew right away that it was a broccoli minion.

“Hey, are you a broccoli from Green’s plan?” asked Bob.

“No,” lied one of the minions.

“Yes, you are!” exclaimed Bob.

“Okay, you got me, but there are a ton more of her minions everywhere,” replied the minion.

“Yes, but other marshmallows have found at least two each. Bye, bye, Green. I can’t believe that I was even friends with her,” Bob told the minion.

“Her plan to conquer the island is to attack from everywhere, but she first wants to kill you. Just kidding, she told us to attack everyone but you. She wants to do the honors,” the minion told Bob.

“But, why? I didn’t do anything to her,” replied Bob worriedly.

“Really? How about when she was turning evil you abandoned her? She was really sad,” the minion said sadly.

“She was? How do you know?” asked Bob.

“Because she told all of the minions about how you got so mad when you eat marshmallows and how she turned green. Is that why we call her green?” asked the minion.

“Yes, that is why we call her green. She was really heartbroken, wasn’t she? This war is all because of me. I am so sorry. Please tell Green that. Thank you.”

So, off the minion went to find Green and tell her what Bob told him. When Green heard what Bob said, she didn’t care. She still declared war. “He’s just scared,” she told herself.

The veggies shot vegetables through cannons, then got their swords and ran. Almost everybody got hurt including Bob and Green. And the winner is …

Marshmallows! Green was depressed and tired, so she went home to make some coffee for herself.

Chapter 3: Green turns Good

When Green was going back home she stopped at a fairy’s house. Fortunately, the fairies all know about green being evil. So, the fairy gave her something to turn her good, instead of a cup of sugar for coffee. Then Green made her coffee, put in the “sugar,” and drank it. Then Green turned good.

Green stood up and ran like a cheetah back to Bob. Green wanted to be friends with him again. When she got back, Bob was talking to other marshmallows. Green was thinking, “Didn’t I tell him that he could make other friends?” When Bob spotted Green, he walked over to her.

“Hey, Bob,” Green said icily.

“I thought you changed,” Bob said sadly.

“I did. I wanted to see if you knew and how you would react. How do you know?” Green asked happily.

“The fairy told us. She put something in the sugar to make you turn good,” Bob told Green.

“So, you want to play together?” Green asked Bob.

“Sure,” replied Bob.

While they were playing, Rob the Cucumber became evil and well you know how the rest goes.


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