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Bree was a six-year-old girl that lived on a farm in Minnesota. She lived with her mother, Jane, her father, Harry, and sister Bella. She went to Red Wood Elementary while her sister went to Brickwood High School.

Every day after school, Bree would come home and work on the play she made by herself. Finally, one day, Bree finished her play!!

She showed her play to her family, but her family only said, “Wow,” and then walked away.

Bree was sad, she thought, “Why don’t they like it? I though they would say maybe we could act out the play, but they just said, ‘Wow,’ and then they left.”

But that night when she felt better, her sister rushed into the room and said, “Bree, Mom and Dad said we could have a pet dog.”

Now that made Bree so happy that she shouted, “Yay!” So, she quickly put on her sneakers, rushed into the car and drove to the pet shop. When they were there, Bree went to the dog center and told her Mom, “Mom, I want this dog!!”

There was a collar on the dog saying, “Riley.”

“I want Riley!”

“Okay,” said Mom, “but promise to feed him and take care of him!”

“Okay,” said Bree as her mom paid for Riley.

Bella found a dog that she wanted to, her name was Missy.

“Look how cute Missy is!!” cried Bella.

“You can stop now!” said Bree as she looked at Missy, she looked so ugly to her.

“Let’s go home now,” said her Mom. They had trouble getting their dogs in their car. So, Mom drove them back home.

“Welcome, welcome dogs,” said Bree and Bella’s Dad. “Let’s see, Riley, huh? Nice name!! Oh, Missy’s nice.” Her dad kissed her mom and said to their mom, “Well, darling would it be okay if I use your car to go to the pet shop to get a goldfish for me?”

“Sure,” said their Mom looking tired.

“We want to go too!” said Bella and Bree.

“No!!!” shouted their Dad, “I’m going to go by myself.”

“Okay,” they said, as they stormed to their room.

“Clean up your rooms!” shouted their dad before he left. So, they cleaned up their room and their mom gave them a treat, popsicles!! When they were done with their popsicles their dad was home. He was holding a goldfish tank and inside was a goldfish.

“Wow!!” cried Bree as she looked at the goldfish.

“Very cute!” said Bella as she looked at the goldfish.

“I named him May,” said Dad.

“Nice name,” said Mom smiling at her husband.

“I’m going to take Riley for a walk!” said Bree.

“Okay,” said Bree’s Dad, “but be careful.”

“Okay,” said Bree as she took Riley outside. She walked Riley down to the ice cream store and then she walked Riley to the movie theater. When she was about to walk Riley home, she realized that Riley was gone!!

She searched and searched, but she could not find Riley!! So she hurried home and told her family about Riley.

“What?!!” shouted her Mom. “We just bought him and now we lost him?”

“No, honey,” said Bree’s Dad, “We still have hope that Riley is not lost. All we have to do is make posters of him and hopefully he will return!!”

“Okay,” said Mom calmly, “Well, let’s make those posters.”

They put posters everywhere, but there was no sign of Riley. Then they heard a ruff outside right in front of them was Riley!!

“Riley!” Bree shouted, “I can’t believe you’re back!” But then behind Riley was a female dog. Behind the female dog was the owner, she was a beautiful woman.

“Hi!! Nice to meet you,” the woman said. “I was walking down the street with my dog Princess when this dog came and barked at Princess. Right after he barked, Princess got interested in this dog and followed him right to your house.”

“Oh!” said Bree as she hugged Riley, “I think that only means one thing,” said Bree, “Riley’s engaged!!”

“Really?!” Princess’s owner said, “I will set the wedding right away!!”

It was a really good day for Bree. Her dog was engaged! Finally they agreed that the wedding was on Thursday. Everyone got ready, Thursday was two days away!!

Finally it was Thursday. Princess was wearing a beautiful dog dress and Riley was wearing a nice dog suit.

After the wedding, Princess stayed at Bree’s house for a while. A few days after the wedding, Bree went to Princess’s owner’s house to say some great news: “PRINCESS IS PREGNANT!!”

“That’s great news,” said Princess’s owner. “Can I go to your house to look at Princess?”

“Sure,” said Bree, “Follow me.”

So, Princess’s owner followed Bree as she came to a stop.

“I can’t wait to see Princess,” said Princess’s owner when Bree opened the door and Princess’s owner gasped. In the middle of the room was Princess.

“Oh, Princess!” Princess’s owner said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

Princess barked at her owner. She was happy about having puppies.

Five days later, Princess had three puppies. Let’s name them, Cassie, David, and Leila. So, Bree called Princess’s owner and she said she would be there right away.

So, after a few minutes, someone rang the doorbell. Princess’s owner was here!! Bree opened the door for her. She hurried into the room and hugged Princess.

“I wanted to know what their names are,” said Princess’s owner.

“Cassie, David, and Leila,” said Bree.

“Nice names,” said Princess’s owner.

“Princess looks so happy,” said Bree, “Can she live in our house?”

“Sure,” said Princess’s owner as she smiled.

“It’s the best day ever!” said Bree.

“I agree,” said Princess’s owner.


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