Break-In Instructions

| December 5, 2015
  1. Start unlocking the door above the laser and the second door under the lamp. The code will not be easy. You have to lean against it with most of your energy and punch in the numbers toward the janitor’s closet.
  1. Once you get in go see the red lasers and you jump through two lasers, hop over three, along the way you see a button beneath you and reach without touching the one on the left. You have finally turned off the lasers.
  1. You carefully walk through the hall and see ancient hieroglyphics. You see the pattern on the right and you rush onto the first and wipe you sweat off your head. You step beside the one you are on and it breaks but you hold on while you fall into the lava that is rising into the base. You spy the treasure. Swing on the pictures fast, grab the treasure and jump out of the base. You finally succeed from escaping into the base. At last, you have completed your break in.


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