Books Aren’t Boring

| August 8, 2014

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies … the man who never reads lives,” foretold George RR. Martin, A Dance with Dragons. 42% of college students never read another book after they graduate. This is because most young adults would choose to watch movies or hang out with friends over reading. If people were required to read more, that percent would impressively decrease.

The first reason why people should be required to read more is that it expands vocabulary. Expanding vocabulary is important because it will help on major tests such as SATs. However, to expand vocabulary, people should read books in or above their reading level. For example, an 8th grader’s vocabulary wouldn’t expand if he or she reads a 6th grade level book, but his or her vocabulary would expand if her or she read an 8th grade or high school level book.

Another reason why people should read more is that it could be an escape. Teens these days are caught up with social media and school that they never even think about reading. Getting into a book is an escape because it makes the reader forget about all of his or her problems. Teens can also connect to books because the characters in the book may be going through the same situation as they are. Like in The Fault in our Stars, Hazel Grace suffers from cancer and loss. Many teens can relate to this.

Lastly, some people may think that sitting in front of a screen watching T.V. or playing video games is a better way of spending time. Those people probably think that it is a good escape from their problems. However, starting at a screen all day kills brain cells. People who have the luxury of reading take reading for granted because they don’t realize that there are other people in the world who can’t afford to buy one book. Ultimately, people who are spending time watching T.V., instead of reading, are taking books for granted.

In conclusion, people should be required to read more. Reading will improve vocabulary, offer an escape from problems, and give people a chance to connect to characters that are faced with the same situations. Hopefully, you too will be able to experience all three of these things. All you have to do is open to the first page and start reading.


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