| February 5, 2016

Hickory was in ARF sitting (lying down) on his bed. He was sharing a room with a flesh-colored cat called Garlic. Garlic is two years old and Hickory is four years old. Garlic was surrounded by people with a glass separating them. There was a dog called Cod in the next room. Cod is a friend of Garlic And Hickory.

Anyway, Hickory is a tiger-striped colored cat and Cod is a Golden Retriever. All three are trying to find a family and home, and they hope to be in the same family.

A girl looks at Cod and decides to foster Cod for a week. Cod was happy in the girl’s home. When he came back, the condo was cleaned, and had a new agility course.

Hickory and Garlic, however, had a new scratching post.

Now, let me tell you about their personalities. Hickory is quiet, energetic, and shy. Cod is loud, energetic, and playful. Garlic was lonely and sleeping on his agility course on “hill climb.”

Oh, if I didn’t tell you, a camp could see the three animals because glass was separating the condos and the classroom. Now, Garlic and Hickory just had one replaced bed so they were playing with each other in the bed.

In the other condo sat Spot. Spot was also friends with Garlic, Hickory, and Cod. Spot’s condo had three beds, a door access to Garlic’s and Hickory’s condo, an agility course, and a trick mat.

Should I introduce all the dogs/cats in adoption center number one? In condo #1 was Tiger. Tiger’s condo has a cat tower, a door access to the yard, a scratching post, and two beds. In condo #2, a cat named Malaia lived in a condo that had five beds, door access to #1, a little couch, and an obstacle course. In condo #3, a dog named Peter lived a happy time in his condo. The condo has one bed, a cat tower, a door access to #2 and #4, a door access to the yard, and another shortcut door access to condos #7 and #9. In condo #4 lived a dog named Tooty. She had nine beds, two cat towers, a little couch, an obstacle course, a door access to the yard, a shortcut access to condo #5, a door access to #1 and #7, and another shortcut to condos #2, #3, #6, and #10. In condo #5 there were two cats named Misty and Puddles. The door had four beds, six little couches, a door access to condo #6, and a cat tower. In condo #6, lived a dog named Connor. Connor had a doghouse, a door access to the yard, an agility course, and a tricks mat. In condo #7, lived Spot. In condo # 8, lived Garlic and Hickory. In condo #9 lived Cod. In condo #10, two dogs lived a happy life. Their names were Nectarine and Paul. The condo has a tricks mat, three beds, a climbing net, an agility course, a door access to condo #9, and a door access to the yard. Now back to our story.

The next day Tiger got adopted by a boy. The next day the same exact boy adopted Malaia and Peter.

Garlic later said, “Maybe he is going to adopt us all.”

The very next day the same boy adopted Tooty, Misty, and Puddles. The very next day, the same boy adopted Connor, Spot, and Garlic. Cod was very lonely. On the last day for adoption, the boy adopted Cod, Nectarine, and Paul. They figured out that the boy lived in a five-floor mansion. They all lived a happy life.


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