An Interesting Day in My Life

| February 23, 2016

One day, it was so sunny and my mom and dad decided to walk along a creek.  I saw a dead rat by the bathroom.  There was a thorn on its nose.  Its location was below a tree.  The rat was interesting because I never even saw that he had a nail on it, so I just wanted to know!

I felt if I got a nail on my nose it would be horrible!  I was scared and worried.  I was scared because I thought it was alive and trying to bite me!

When my parents saw the dead rat, they told me to get away from it, because it might be alive.  So, I got away from it very quickly.

My mom said, “Instead of looking at the rat, play at the playground!”  So, I went to the playground and played.  I didn’t care about the rat and forgot about it.

So, we went to the park and I ran a marathon.  Even though I fell on the ground and I hurt my feet, I ran really fast and even won first place in my group.  I had never gotten a medal before!


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