Airhead Devielka and Mamieka

| October 25, 2015
Airhead Devielka

His name is Devielka. His goal is to make more friends. His family is Noner, his cousin. His friend is Memieka. There are other things about him. He is immortal. He cannot die. He looks devilish but he’s nice. He lives in The Caves of No Return. He likes friends, darkrooms, and family. His personality is cuddly. He wears any accessory. He tries to find his family. He dislikes enemies, killers, and murderers.

Mamieka likes bright rooms, friends, family, and safe places to hide. His personality is shy and nervous. He easily gets scared. He does not like scary stuff. His friend’s name is Devielka. They were born in the same room on the same day. He always keeps Devielka company. Memieka lives where Divielka lives. He is a scaredy cat. He is immortal. He cannot die. He loves his friends.


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