Adventures in the Woods

| July 22, 2014

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Monti who lived with her family in the town. She was very brave. One day she asked her parents if she could go for a walk. Her parents said no, but then her mom said, “Only if you help me first and do some chores.”

She fulfilled her mom’s request. Her mom told her to first fold the clothes, so she started folding the pants, shirts, dresses, and everything. Her first task was done. Now she had her second and third tasks. Her mom said that now she had to water the plants and feed the birds. So she first fed the birds. She loved the colors of them. She got some more for the last bird. Then she started watering the plants. She saw some fruits, so she turned of the hose and gave them to her mom. Then she immediately went back to work. Monti started watering the plants and turned off the hose when she was done. Her final job was to go carry the bed supplies upstairs, so she got the supplies and put them upstairs.

Her father said to her, “You are more than welcome to go on a walk, but before you go, remember that you only have five hours to walk.” Then she opened the door and went outside. She had already walked for two hours. Monti did not know where she was going and entered a forest. Five hours were already gone and she didn’t know where she was, but Monti saw a sign that that Colorado Forest. Then she saw a rabbit walking toward her and she gave it some food. Then she saw a red house. Monti started walking toward it. She rang the doorbell.

A girl opened the door. She said “Hello.” The girl welcomed her into the house. They gave Monti some food. She said “Thank you for giving me food.” It was nighttime, and they went to sleep on the floor in a bedroom.

Some time later, she woke up and her new friend was not there. Monti tiptoed to the bedroom door and looked through the crack of the door. She was horrified at what she saw.

She saw a witch with gray hair, a broom, and a pot with steam! The door creaked and the witch turned her head and saw her! Monti didn’t know which way to go. She was about to get caught but she ran downstairs and pulled at the door. It was locked! She saw some keys and did not know which one to try. She tried the first one and it worked. Lucky. She threw the keys on the witch’s face and slammed the door. She was afraid to get caught in the woods, but Monti knew she could do it.

She ran through the forest but couldn’t remember what house she lived in. Monti tried the first house but it wasn’t hers. Monti was trying not to get caught by the witch. She remembered the house so she went to the house and locked the door when she got inside. She was glad to see her parents, and her parents were also glad to see her. Monti told them about what happened to her. She never ever went that deep into the forest again.


Path: Creative Writing

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