Aardvark Town

| July 19, 2014

Once upon a time in Aardvark Town, there was a hole dug up by an aardvark. Inside the hole was a tall building. The tallest one is called Super Aardvark Tower. The second tallest building is called Aardvark. The streets are made out of mud and grass. The buildings are made out of cement and wood. The hospital is made out of cement too. The furniture is made out of wood. There is a park on top of the tallest building. There is also a restaurant and a nursery. There is a toyshop and a mayor of Aardvark Town.

There was an aardvark named Mr. Aardvark. His wife was Mrs. Aardvark. They don’t crawl. They walk. They are brown with long faces and big eyes. They are interested in babies, young aardvarks. Their goal is to get a baby. They have 7, 11, and 13-year-olds. Their weaknesses are heights, people, and predators.

Mr. and Mrs. Aardvark’s problem was that they were teachers. They did not want to be teachers anymore because they had three babies, even though they liked teaching. So they are trying to solve this problem.

They called three babysitters the next day. Then they went back to teaching. It happened all day. They did this all year.

Then another problem happened. Mrs. Aardvark was pregnant. They would have to get another babysitter who costs $20. They couldn’t afford it, but they started it the day it was born. The baby girl’s name is Ely. Ely called her babysitter every day until one day, there was bad news.

They would have to move back to town. They lived in Super Aardvark Tower and taught in Aardvark Tower.

The babysitter decided to move in with them on the 9th floor, while the Aardvark’s lived on the 10th floor. They were so happy and excited that they did not work anymore. They told the babysitters not to work for them. From now on, they would not work. Mr. and Mrs. Aardvark would care for the babies.

Now every day, they would wake up early and take care of their babies. They became so rich because there were babysitters for about a million people.

The end.


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