How to Fold a Paper Boat

| February 24, 2016

First, you fold the paper in half the hamburger way.  Then, you fold it in half again, making sure your lines are straight when you fold it.  Open it.  Next, fold one side to the folded line.  It should be like a triangle.  Do it on the other side, then, it should look like a bigger triangle.

Then, fold the bottom first flap up.  Make sure you folded one.  Flip it over and fold the bottom flap up.  Between the flaps, there is space. Put your thumbs in that space and pull out. Then, fold it down and find the two flaps. Then, fold one of them up and flip it over and fold the other one up.  There is space between them.  Afterward, pull them out again.  The opposite place where the space is, you hold it and pull it out.  Fold it down and your boat is made!

You can put small things in it, but if you put it in water, it will get wet.  Then, you will have your own boat to play with.

That’s how you fold a paper boat!


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